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The International Preschool at the Enchanted Garden provides a window on the world for young children. We prepare students to appreciate diversity, become thoughtful, respectful, inquiring learners, and achieve their highest potential. 


We introduce children to world cultures through art, music, and literature.


Our experiential math and science curriculum includes experiments, cooking, nature study, and gardening.


We emphasize positive social interaction through kindness, teamwork, respect, and appreciation of each individual.


Our exciting, fun-filled approach to preparing children for lifelong-learning emphasizes maximum use of all the senses. 


We have a large outdoor playground, indoor gym with large windows looking out on woods, and a classroom designed to evoke an enchanted garden – all in recognition of the importance of children spending as much time as possible being close to nature and physically active.  


Our preschool includes a Transitional Kindergarten program for those children who are ready to take on a more challenging curriculum. 

Ms. Judy's streaming online classes here

For more information: or call 203-431-3350

To schedule a tour, please phone 203-431-3350.




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International Preschool

(Ages 3-5)



We have watched our daughter thrive at the Enchanted Garden. She returns home each day feeling happy and confident, full of stories and lessons -- a tribute to the care and sensitivity that always fills your space. We are impressed with the thought, creativity, wisdom, and humor that fill each day at the Enchanted Garden.

—Samantha R. & Jay Zaslow

It has been amazing to watch Noah grow, change, and become such a special boy. You gave him the time, love, and space he needed to bloom -- and challenged him to think both creatively and critically.

—Meg & Jeff

The teachers encouraged Mackenzi’s natural inquisitiveness and allowed her to learn and grow in a supportive and nurturing environment. She is creative,  imaginative and eager to learn and explore -- qualities that arise from The Enchanted Garden’s approach to education.

—Kim Macko

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