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Judy’s music class has been the highlight of our week since my daughter was eight months old. I have watched her absorbing the music and happiness that surrounds us during this hour. I have watched her language skills grow as well as her confidence.

—Lori C.

Judy and her team have created a little cocoon where children are lovingly encouraged to bloom and grow.

—Susan Haskell-Kaye

The music at the EG gets you at the core; it moves the adults as well as the children.

—Kristen B.

Once you enter the Enchanted Garden you become part of a family. The friends you meet become friends for life, and this applies both to the children and parents.

—Jean Devoe


Watching my first child going off to school, I could not have imagined an easier transition for her. The warm, caring environment you foster is every mom’s dream.

—Sheila & Mike

We are very grateful that our daughter’s first milestone in school was the loving, creative, nurturing environment of the Enchanted Garden.

—Jane P.

I credit the Enchanted Garden with the fact that all three of my children are confident and love learning. It is the best introduction to school a child can have.

—Dominique Bauthier

Thank you for giving our daughter such a safe and happy place to go.

—The Boris Family


We have watched our daughter thrive at the Enchanted Garden. She returns home each day feeling happy and confident, full of stories and lessons -- a tribute to the care and sensitivity that always fills your space. We are impressed with the thought, creativity, wisdom, and humor that fill each day at the Enchanted Garden.

—Samantha R. & Jay Zaslow

It has been amazing to watch Noah grow, change, and become such a special boy. You gave him the time, love, and space he needed to bloom -- and challenged him to think both creatively and critically.

—Meg & Jeff

The teachers encouraged Mackenzi’s natural inquisitiveness and allowed her to learn and grow in a supportive and nurturing environment. She is creative,  imaginative and eager to learn and explore -- qualities that arise from The Enchanted Garden’s approach to education.

—Kim Macko


My daughter has been involved with programs at Enchanted Garden since she was 6 mo old, she is now turning 8. We loved Judy's Music, which easily transitioned her to their preschool because my daughter was already so comfortable with Ms. Judy and Ms. Marcia. They helped her blossom into a budding young artist (she went on to win a national art contest) and musician (they taught her how to identify the sounds of different instruments at a surprisingly early age).  Then it was ballet and gymnastics and summer camps! Now that she is almost 8, she takes guitar with Noah and ballet and tap with Ms.Jean! She looks forward to performing in the Nutcracker each winter. I always have felt Enchanted Garden is a very warm, welcoming, and safe environment and a good value.

—Colleen Pilato

This dance program is not just about dance, it’s about family.  EG has been a second home to both of my two daughters for 17 years, guiding them to find more passion, enthusiasm and joy in life through dance.  

—Rebecca Kaufman

My daughter absolutely adores Ms.Beth’s ballet class. She has absolute trust in her teacher and especially loves the props and activities Ms. Beth prepares each week. The amount of preparation and thought that goes into each class is impressive and so so appreciated.

—Rachele Colantuono

My 3-year-old daughter loves dance class with Ms. Corina, who is so sweet, patient, and extremely talented.

—Suzanne McNulty

I will never forget the giant smile on my daughter’s face as she emerged from her first ballet class at the Enchanted Garden. The teachers are extremely accessible and caring to both the students and the parents. The staff looks out for their dancers’ wellbeing, health, and happiness. The environment is professional, warm, fun, and magical. I am eternally grateful for all the opportunities afforded my daughters here.  

—Merryl Polak

Ms. Corina is a beautiful dancer and amazing teacher. Her expertise shows in the way she brings out the best in all her students and helps them to challenge themselves and grow in each class.  

—Frances Rosales

After one Ms. Nicole’s breakdance classes, my son said, "Mommy I love dancing. It makes me feel so happy. It makes me feel like me."  Those are the best words I could ever hear coming out of his mouth. To know that kind of joy and freedom is life shaping and soul-nurturing. It's invaluable.

—Roberta P.

For over a decade now, my two daughters have enjoyed the wide range of dance styles. The expert team of teachers have created a wonderful community and supportive atmosphere. They encourage students of all abilities and give each dancer a turn to shine. The spring performance has allowed my girls to grow as dancers and both plan to continue dancing in college.  

—Wendy M.

Thank you! Both of my children had studied piano for years before we found you, but in eight months we have been taking lessons at your conservatory, their instructors have managed to inspire them and get them truly excited about learning music. I haven’t had to remind them to practice in months.

 —Lauren P.



I just got back from my kids' summer camp concert at the Enchanted Garden - so IMPRESSED! They performed jazz (including improv), rock, classical and pop songs PLUS they wrote, produced and recorded their own song - a class of 2 sax, 1 flute, 1 piano, I violin, 2 voice. Big shout out to Andrew Beals and Noah Manheimer for their incredible instruction and motivation. I highly recommend this summer camp! 

—Karen B.

My daughter is a cellist who took the summer music immersion at the Enchanted Garden. After just two days, she said told me 'this is the best camp I've ever been to'. Over the two weeks of camp, I watched her stretch her musical wings in a variety of ways. She not only became more confident and proficient with her cello, but she learned to appreciate a variety of music forms. The instructors are not only highly knowledgeable music teachers but passionate musicians who are eager to encourage and inspire their young students. This was a great experience for my daughter and I highly recommend it.

—Ramin Ganeshram

We were thrilled with the highly professional audition video of our son Cormac’s cello playing. Enchanted Garden Studios helped pave his way to Brown University.

—Cynthia C.

Noah has been instructing our son in guitar for the past 3 years, and is one of the best to inspire young musicians. Noah has the amazing ability using his knowledge, talent, and teaching style to keep our son interested and wanting to learn.  To quote my son, “He is cool, and isn’t boring.”. Noah listens and interacts, getting to know his students and assesses the best way that student will learn. Guitar and music is ingrained in our son’s life and we are so grateful to Noah for playing a big part in this process.  In addition, Enchanted Garden has been a very professional, friendly, family run, local company to work with. 

—Michaela Diffey

My family has been a customer of Enchanted Garden for almost a decade, with two kids progressing through piano and guitar lessons, band/recording camp, and of course recitals.  We've been more than pleased with the effectiveness of the instruction, the friendliness and flexibility of the staff, and the quality of the facilities.  All this, and we've only scratched the surface of what's possible!  We highly recommend EG for your music, dance, art, and party activities!

 —Tim Keyes


Christel helps me to come back to earth from my busy life. Just thinking about her and the beautiful studio where we do yoga helps me breathe more regularly.


Christel is insightful and understands the importance of the mind body connection -- the immense role that our mental and physical health plays on the quality of life.



Thank you so much for leading a lovely 4th birthday party for our son. Everyone was enchanted by the face painting, puppets, music and dancing. The Enchanted Garden is a magical place: cozy and inspiring and fun all at the same time.

—Marie J.

Thank you for helping make our daughter, Elizabeth's birthday so special. From the incredible face painting, to the storytelling and puppet show you filled our guests with laughter and smiles.

—The Williams Family

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