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So You Want To Sing…Here’s What You Need To Know

by Andrew & Alexa Lane

Can anybody learn to sing?

Yes, absolutely! We are all born with a certain vocal tone based on our vocal cord structure

and size and shape of our throat & mouth. By learning proper technique, you too can produce a clear, even, and pleasing tone. In contrast to learning a musical instrument or dance style, vocal technique is largely internal and anatomical. Once a student’s technique is more an automatic process, he or she is ready to work on performance dynamics, emotional content, and stage presence. Most beginning singers are able to establish a strong foundation in as little as ten lessons. Experienced singers can improve their power and range, as well as achieving a safer belt voice and stronger head voice. Performance coaching prepares singers for students for auditions, submissions, recitals, and professional performances.

What are the three key elements in learning to sing?

They are breath support, vocal fold/cord closure, and the resonant spaces (throat and mouth). Mastering these elements begins with awareness of their importance. The student can then learn and practice specific exercises that will integrate them into the singing process.

Andrew and Alexa Lane have joined the Enchanted Garden faculty after having taught contemporary voice training as a duo for more than seven years. Andrew has trained extensively with top Los Angeles Vocal Coach ( and has a certificate in vocal pedagogy from Boston Conservatory. Alexa is also trained in this method and has a long career as a dancer, singer, and actress in musical theatre, pop music, and film & television productions (

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