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LimeLight Theater Workshop at the Enchanted Garden (Grades 3-8)

This Fall, LimeLight Theater presents its opening debut at the Enchanted Garden. In this workshop, we will choose a piece of literature or a play that can be re-storied, re-worked, and deconstructed in ways that acknowledge the stages young people experience as they grow. 


Music, movement, singing as well as other experimental theater choices will be used to create a final performance at the Enchanted Garden. All members of the theater company will participate.


Beyond being exhilarating and fun, theater can be a rewarding social experience. Participants will be given opportunities to try on roles and practice skills that embrace individual creativity and encourage a sense of community through significant interpersonal connections.


Theater can also build self-confidence rapidly through improvisational body work, creative re-imagining using cognitive skills, and developing an adventurous spirit by working with others in a group setting over a period of time. Enhancing individual strengths allows each student to benefit from the rewards that come through creation and achievement.


Come join the fun!

Instructor: Tara Winter-DiGirolamo

Mondays 4:30-5:30

Studio One

Tuition $375 per semester

To register call Studio 2: #203-894-1987/ email:

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